State of the art equipment and experienced personnel for custom fabrication

Duct-Fab, Inc. is fully equipped to offer our clients all the latest, full-service metal fabrication capabilities. 

Water Jet Cutting

With our waterjet machines, we have the ability to custom cut steel plate, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, stone, glass, plastics, and more up to 12 inches thick.

Our waterjet machines are capable of CNC precision cuts with a .007” accuracy.

Our dual cutting head table with a 99-1/2” X 133” cutting area is  capable of large production runs. 

Our single cutting head table has a 60” x 120” cutting area.

Plate ROlling

We have the ability to roll steel plate up to 5 feet wide.

Small Parts – Punch / Shear / Notch / Brake

We have a variety of specialty equipment that are a time saver for creating multiple small parts.

Plate Bending

Our 150 ton CNC press break provides consistent repeatable bends up to 12 feet long.

With our manual machines, we can bend metal up to 10 feet wide.

Drilling / Milling / Machining

We have the capability to repair sprockets, pulleys, shafts, and more, as well as general machining. 

CNC Plasma Cutting

With our CNC Plasma Table, we cut sheet metal parts up to 5' x 10' and 3/16" thick.

Profile Rolling

We offer rolling including pipes, square tubing, square bars, round bars, flat bars, and angles.


Our welding machines are capable of welding aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and carbon steel.

We offer MIG, TIG, flux core, and brazing.

We also have portable machines for onsite repairs and installations.



Residential and Commercial

Food Service

Restaurants/Commercial Kitchens, Grocery Stores, and more


Hospitals, Schools, Medical Clinics, and more


Marine & Land Based Facilities